The paper industry in Renkum dates from 1598 when the first paper mill "De Bock" was built in Renkum. Since then Renkum has been the center of the Dutch paper industry.
The current site was constructed in 1912.


1598 First paper mill "The Bock" in Renkum, Netherlands

1720 Startup of the paper mill "Harten" in Renkum

1907 Van Gelder & Zonen takes over "Harten"

1912 Van Gelder & Zonen builds paper mill "Renkum 2" on the banks of the
         Rhine. The mill is equipped with two paper machines, newspaper being
         the main product.

1979 The two old paper machines of "Renkum 2" are replaced by one new
         paper machine (PM2)

1981 Bankruptcy of Van Gelder. "Renkum 2" continues under the name
         Parenco B.V.

1983 Haindl Paper GmbH takes over Parenco

1987 Parenco builds a second paper machine (PM1)

1989 PM2 is modernized

1998 PM1 is modernized

2001 Norske Skogindustrier ASA takes over Parenco

2009 Parenco restructures the PM 2, all TMP-lines and DIP-line are idled

2010 Successful replacement of newsprint by SCB-paper

2012 H2 Equity Partners takes over Parenco

2016 The first packaging paper is produced on the converted PM2

2018  As of  July 1 2018 Parenco belongs to the Smurfit Kappa Group