Sustainability is Parenco’s second nature: recycling of waste paper is a high quality new product development. The waste streams within Parenco are utilized to the maximum. By burning the waste, sewage sludge and deinking silt released during the production, steam is produced which is used for electricity production and the processing of pulp into paper. We also make use of active heat recovery at different stages of the manufacturing process. Parenco is continuously looking for effective and sustainable solutions to contribute to a healthy environment with its own waste water treatment plant and biomass supply to produce green energy. Since 1999 Parenco is ISO 14001 certified. On the basis of the certified environmental management system there is a continuous focus to further improve the environmental performance.

Parenco is aware of the influence of its activities on the areas of Health, Safety and Environment and is continuously working to investigate whether these activities can be executed in a safer, healthier and more sustainable way.