Parenco obtains ISO 50001 Certificate

April 2016

In line with its vision to continuously increase the sustainability of the organisation, Netherlands based paper producer Parenco BV has obtained the ISO 50001 Certificate for Energy Management. The certificate will support Parenco in increasing energy efficiency, improving energy performance and reducing costs in all operational processes.

The timing in obtaining the ISO 50001 certificate is perfect: right before the start- up of idled paper machine 2 (PM2). The conversion of PM2 from a newsprint machine into a packaging paper machine is in full swing. Parenco expects to start producing Testliner 3 and Fluting at the end of July 2016. The certificate will certainly help in optimizing the energy management of the plant once both PM1 (producing graphical paper) and PM2 are in full operation.

Of course Parenco BV will continue with various other initiatives to increase the sustainability of the mill, such as increasing the use of green energy by producing biogas on site and improving the efficiency of the gas fired boiler. Both initiatives lead to a significant carbon dioxide reduction.

The start-up of PM2 even enables Parenco BV to look into technologies such as deep geothermal energy, not only generating energy for the production of paper, but also for the surrounding households.